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How does it work?

The Guest Book Telephone is THE latest trend in the eventindustry. Countless customers have already had the greatest experiences and enjoyed the congratulations, jokes, declarations of love and songs of the guests.

But how exactly does a guest book telephone actually work?

1. Your guests pick up the handset and listen to your personal recorded message 2. After the beep, your guests speak their message onto the tape 3. Your guests put the handset down again. All messages are saved, you will receive them afterwards and you can listen to them again and again. With us, at Cliq-o-fon, you can choose your guest book telephone. Simply fill out the booking form and we'll check if your phone is still available for your date.

Audio guest book as a present

Have you been invited to a party, but are still missing the right gift? Would you like to give away something unique that can still enjoy for years to come? The audio guest book is the ideal gift for any groomsmen, friends or family members. You will definitely inspire your friends with it! We will send you the phone two days before the event or pick it up at our place. On the day of the event, all guests can record their messages, congratulations and declarations of love and after the event you simply send us the audio guest book by post. We edit all recordings and make them available to you via a download link. If you would like to give your friends an additional treat, you can book a USB stick or a personalized keepsake box with a USB stick.

Rent an audio guest book “Cliq-o-fon” for your event

Are you looking for something extraordinary for your event? Would you like to create memories that will still give you joy years later and let you relive your special occasion? Would you like to capture the voices of your loved ones forever? The Audio Guestbook makes that possible for you. Your guests record their own personal messages. These can be very emotional, but also totally funny. In any case, tears are guaranteed - be they tears of joy or tears of laughter! It's so, so nice to listen to the voice messages again for example every wedding day. Because no one takes memories away from us! Rent your audio guest book for your event now and choose your personal favorite from the many different phones!


What is an audio guest book?

The audio guest book is an alternative to the traditional guest book. Your guests can use a vintage phone to record voice messages that you can have forever and listen to over and over again.

How does an audio guest book work?

An Audio Guestbook is a vintage telephone that works like a digital answering machine. At celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, baby showers and all other events, guests can speak their congratulations, kind words and memories into the phone.

Is the structure of the phone complicated?

No, it's really easy. We'll include instructions so you can have the phone up and running in under 5 minutes.

How does our personal recorded message get on the phone?

You send us the tape announcement before your event via Whatsapp or email. We then prepare everything and play the recorded announcement on the phone.

Is there enough storage space for all recordings?

The phones are designed to record at least 20 hours. That's enough.

What do I do with the audio guest book at the end of the event?

You send the phone back to us in the original packaging. But that is all described again in the manual.

When will the audio guest book arrive?

The phone will reach you 1-2 days before your event. You can also pick it up at our office or we can deliver it for your event.

When do I send back the audio guest book?

The phone must be sent back the next working day so that our next customers can also receive their phone on time.

Are the shipping costs already included in the price?

Yes. There are no further shipping costs for you.

Do you also send the audio guest book abroad?

We would also be happy to send you the audio guest book abroad. The best way to contact us is via the booking form. Unfortunately, there are increased shipping costs.

When do I have to pay?

We will send you your invoice after you have bindingly booked your audio guest book. We ask you to pay this within t1 month before your event by bank transfer.